About Mary

Mary is an award-winning holistic career coach and the author of “God’s Not Done with You”. She proudly champions ambitious women and business leaders to advance their careers, increase their influence, uplevel their leadership, and have more joy in their lives.

About Mary

Mary is an award-winning holistic career coach and the author of “God’s Not Done with You”. She proudly champions ambitious women and business leaders to advance their careers, increase their influence, uplevel their leadership, and have more joy in their lives.

Mary Guirovich is the CEO and Founder of My Promotion Plan® – a company on a mission to empower women worldwide to unlock their innate leadership potential and advance in their careers holistically.  With an 83% customer success rate across the country, her MPP process helps members to advance their careers without waiting for their boss to approach them. Mary discovered this process when she was floundering in her own career. The day after she turned in her promotion plan, she was appointed Vice President of Operations.  Mary was able to climb from a front-office position to partner in only six years, with no prior industry experience! After documenting her own success methods and supporting others to achieve advancement, Mary gained a sharp awareness of the epidemic of women that were being undervalued and underemployed…

There was a lot of information out there that pertained to career advancement, but there was no clear system that addressed career problems in a holistic, value-centric manner.

Mary went to work writing her book, God’s Not Done with You – How to Advance Your Career and Live in Abundance which combined Biblical principles, rich research, science, energy work, and career advancement strategies to help women gain confidence, fulfilling careers, and abundance. 

Today, Mary coaches professional women to design their own career path through the My Promotion Plan® systems. She also partners with entrepreneurs and corporations to create inclusive and sustainable cultures which include clear-cut career advancement paths for women.

The Top 10 Mistakes Women Make That are Sabotaging Their Advancement

In my mini e-book, you will learn how to avoid these mistakes and what to do instead to skyrocket your career now! 

Mary regularly shares her stories and strategies with organizations, businesses, podcasts, colleges and universities, and churches. 

It’s her goal to help women earn 1 million promotions or raises by 2030 as she works to change the perception of women in the workplace. In addition to holding an executive role, Mary is a lifelong leader having had a successful career in the hospitality industry consulting with over 30 corporate brands, coaching over 500 small business owners, training thousands of team members, helping start two multi-million dollar businesses, and leading teams of up to 60 people. 

In 2018 Mary joined The John Maxwell Team to hone her leadership, coaching, and speaking skills. She is also a member of the President’s Advisory Council and in 2020 she was recognized and awarded the Willfully Grow Maxwell DNA Culture Award.

Outside of business, Mary is a member of the Community Bible Church Cares team and an active PTA member at Specht Elementary. She and Louis support ChildSafe, Illuminations Bible, and Operation Christmas Child. Additionally, they support multiple children through Compassion International. The Guirovichs are based in San Antonio, TX, and love floating down the river, soaking up the sun poolside, throwing parties, and spending time together with their four children.

Follower Of Jesus




What Clients Are Saying

I gained 50% salary increase!

“I completed and submitted my first plan. Our meeting to discuss my ideas and how I see myself advancing went great!”


“Mary is incredibly insightful and her program is life-changing. It is truly valuable to work with a coach like Mary when you aren’t entirely sure where to start. “

More confidence than ever.

“I have felt stuck for so long in regard to how to go about asking for a promotion. But now I got promoted to Executive Office Manager!”

Mary helped me to understand how to value myself in the market!

“I went to confidently earning a 25K increase & a bonus with ease in just a few weeks. “

Why Earning a Promotion Feels So Dang Hard …and What to Do Instead

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Empower women to earn 1 million promotions and raises by 2030.

Women with influence sitting at every executive table on every leadership board. Eradicating the gender party gap forever! As we return to work as worship the way God intended!

Educate, empower and equip professional women to advance in their careers, earn more, and grow as leaders in order to amplify their impact in the world. 

  • Meaningful Connection
    Celebrating others for who they are and adding value in every interaction.
  • Exceed Expectations
    Always delivering more than others expect of us.
  • Trust Your Inner Voice
    Your intuition is unique to you. Your ideas, voice, and opinion matter.
  • Believe Everyone’s a Ten
    Value others contributions and assume that they have given it their very best.
  • Be the Future
    We do not wait to see what the future holds. We go out and create the future that we desire. Nothing is impossible or off-limits.


Do you secretly want to be recognized with a raise or promotion in 2023 with certainty and confidence?

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Giving you access to 10 powerful secrets allowing you to simplify and accelerate your career progression without burning out or sacrificing your flexibility and personal well-being.