The One Thing That Determines Workplace Advancement

Workplace advancement

Workplace advancement sometimes seems complicated. After all, there are many factors that impact getting a promotion. But ultimately, career advancement depends on one thing: how you frame yourself as capable and ready for your ideal role. Here’s how to do it.

7 Obstacles That Limit Your Negotiation Skills and How to Overcome Them


Should you negotiate? Upon college graduation, I had multiple job offers. All of which I failed to negotiate. I wasn’t afraid. I didn’t realize that I should or needed to maximize my earning potential until I was hired and quickly learned that others in my role made more than me and with lesser skill. My […]

How Your Career Advancement is Influenced by Your Physical Environment

Career Advancement is Influenced

Did you know your attitudes and emotions are greatly influenced by your daily environment?  That is why when it comes to working, research shows that the physical aspects of a workplace directly affect the employees’ productivity, performance, health, comfort, and focus.  So exactly how does our physical environment impact our careers and our desire to […]

A Proactive Career Approach: Is it Really Helping You?

Proactive Career Approach

A lot of people want the formula for career success and advancement. Should you just work hard? Should you be proactive? What are the steps to take? Taking a proactive approach to your career advancement is taking tangible action steps towards your career goals. Some common examples of this include: These are, of course, all […]

How to Remove Fear and Upgrade Your Approach to Career Progression

How to Remove Fear and Upgrade Your Approach to Career Progression

It’s 2022 and we need to update our approach to career progression. Women have been listening to outdated advice for too long, and it’s time to shake things up. If you are a professional woman looking to advance in your career, there are proven techniques and strategies on how to do it. Here’s what you […]

Is Hard Work the Best Career Advancement Strategy?

best career advancement strategy

Most of us are taught that hard work is the best way to get noticed and promoted in our jobs. So, many women in the workplace work hard and put in the hours and effort to get recognized. And yet, this doesn’t always translate to career advancement opportunities. The overtime, extra projects, and early mornings […]

Can Poor Communication Ruin Your Career? 3 Tips for Professionals

Poor Communication

Communication matters when it comes to being promoted or getting a raise. In fact, there is a direct correlation between the two. So, can poor communication ruin your career? Depending on how “bad” it is, yes it can. Communication is a critical soft skill for a successful career. Most people’s communication can use some improvement […]

5 Tips to Overcome Promotion Anxiety and Advance in Your Career

5 Tips to Overcome Promotion Anxiety

Does the thought of talking to your boss about career advancement make you anxious? Or maybe you’ve been passed over before and just feel stuck. There are so many reasons women don’t speak up and advocate for career advancement. A lot of it comes down to promotion anxiety and the fear of putting yourself out […]

5 Soft Skills You Need To Grow & Be Successful In Your Career

Soft Skills

What can soft skills do for us? They help us to build relationships and improve our reputation in the office and they open opportunities for our advancement indirectly. Soft skills are characteristics that affect how well you can collaborate or communicate with others. These abilities assist us in building relationships with others, establishing reliability and […]

How to Communicate with Your Boss About Career Promotions

about career promotions

Lack of confidence, feeling awkward talking about money, and the fear of being viewed differently all prevent women from talking to their boss about career promotions.  But by not having a conversation, you could be leaving money and promotion on the table.  And while you might feel nervous to broach the topic, it’s important to […]