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About Your Host

About Your Host

Hi, I’m Mary Guirovich, and I’m a previous COO of a multi-million dollar company that I helped to start with no experience in the industry. As a leader, my greatest joy is seeing others reach a higher potential than they ever dreamed possible. To thrive at work, employees must work in an environment that promotes their personal and professional growth. That’s why I’m deeply passionate about reimagining the workplace and helping women take the limits off their potential, creating thriving businesses and careers while staying true to their character and values. 

Over the past two decades of my career, I’ve had the pleasure of coaching hundreds of entrepreneurs, thousands of team members, and over 30 corporate brands across multiple industries. The most rewarding part was being a catalyst for others to break through their own personal best in all areas of their life. Work was designed to be a thing that we not only enjoyed doing but something that brought joy back to us. Many people are not experiencing work-life the way it was intended, so I’m on a mission to flip the narrative and have more team members and business owners loving their professional calling.


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