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Award-winning career advancement expert Mary Guirovich supports ambitious women to actualize their highest career potential so they can maximize their impact, income and influence.

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Mary speaks on large stages and intimate workshop settings (both in-person and virtually) to professional women across North America as part of her goal to help women earn 1 million promotions or raises by 2030.

She partners with entrepreneurs and corporations to speak on clear-cut career advancement paths as well as inclusivity and sustainable cultures. She also regularly shares her stories and strategies with organizations, podcasts, universities, and churches.

Rave Reviews

“Having Mary speak with my group was absolutely amazing. Her energy shined through her words, she was extremely engaging, and attendees of the event left with very practical steps that they could immediately implement to get steps closer to their greatest career aspirations!”
“I had the opportunity to experience Mary share her story at a conference for individuals recovering from trauma. Mary speaks from the heart. What I loved most was her transparency and willingness to share her truth. If you’re looking for a speaker that is authentic, will take your leaders to the next level, and provide practical tools to reach their goals- Look no further.”
“Mary is a phenomenal leader who demonstrates her method and process through the tangible steps she took to achieve her own career success. Mary has an enormous heart for empowering women to advance professionally. Her experiences are so relatable and her teacher’s heart invites all to want to engage with her on a deeper level.”

Speaking Topics

From Passed Over to Promoted- The 7 Steps to Career Advancement

Women know deep down they are destined for more when it comes to their careers.

They work hard enough, they’re smart enough, but the problem is they go about career advancement all wrong. Fear, self-doubt, and uncertainty creep in and keep them stuck in the same old job, never getting the recognition or rewards they’ve earned.

That can and will all change with ‘From Passed Over to Promoted’.

In this session, Mary will teach your audience the 7 steps to creating a customized promotion plan that will transform the way they approach career advancement forever.

This is the same plan that helped her me 6X her revenue in 6 short years.

Your audience will learn what really matters to their boss and how to gain the confidence to transform your career in as little as 6 weeks.

“Workship” God's Design for Women and Work

What is God’s true plan and purpose for women in the world of work? Your audience will uncover this truth and be inspired to be a leader in all areas of life after this session.

Every attendee will walk away with “Godfidence”, restored self-worth and dignity, and the ability to step fully into the life that God has designed them. This keynote can include the 7-Step My Promotion Plan Blueprint.

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Disrupting Everyday Gender Bias and Becoming a Champion

Women remain underrepresented in the upper ranks across many industries. This unconscious bias – known as implicit bias – is one of the greatest challenges women face at work today.

In this session, your audience will become empowered to champion women in the workplace, by providing business leaders with the knowledge and tools for identifying, disrupting, and overcoming common gender biases present in their companies.

This keynote includes a thought-provoking blend of research, stories, and practical solutions to help participants discover new ways to stop bias in its tracks and champion women for a more inclusive, respectful work culture.

Legacy Leader-Building Teams With Impact

Being a great leader is all about providing a vision and serving the people that you lead. When your team wins, you win!

In this session, your audience will learn how to help their employees build ‘Team Impact Plans’ that will turn them into an intrapreneur, and help align the company’s vision with every team member.

The #1 Killer of Your Compensation- (Get Hired and Negotiate Your First Salary)

50% of men and 93% of women fail to negotiate in their first job offer. This ends up costing them more than $1M of unrecognized revenue over the life of their career!

It’s how you get hired and approach your first compensation negotiation that has the greatest impact on your earnings over your lifetime.

In this session, your audience will learn how to nail that interview and be armed with simple yet effective negotiation steps that will positively impact their quality of life forever.

About Mary

Hi, I’m Mary Guirovich, and I’m a previous COO of a multi-million dollar company that I helped to start with no experience in the industry. As a leader, my greatest joy is seeing others reach a higher potential than they ever dreamed possible. To thrive at work, employees must work in an environment that promotes their personal and professional growth. That’s why I’m deeply passionate about reimagining the workplace and helping women take the limits off their potential, creating thriving businesses and careers while staying true to their character and values. 

Over the past two decades of my career, I’ve had the pleasure of coaching hundreds of entrepreneurs, thousands of team members, and over 30 corporate brands across multiple industries. The most rewarding part was being a catalyst for others to break through their own personal best in all areas of their life. Work was designed to be a thing that we not only enjoyed doing but something that brought joy back to us. Many people are not experiencing work-life the way it was intended, so I’m on a mission to flip the narrative and have more team members and business owners loving their professional calling.

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